About Us

We are a digital partner that wants to help your business reach it’s goals.

Who We Are

We are a group of social media and digital marketing consultants focused on delivering enterprise solutions to clients of all sizes. Our consultants are experienced with creating national campaigns for Fortune 500 companies that amplified brand awareness, advocacy, website traffic, and sales. 


Principal Consultant Ellis Mbeh

Our Principal Consultant, Ellis Mbeh, is a social media marketing professional with demonstrated success developing and executing strategies that stimulate awareness, engagement, and conversion on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat. Ellis leads Pivotal New Media with a degree in marketing, experience utilizing social insight analysis and interpretation to develop content and social campaigns strategies, and hands-on experience performing market research to discover and build influencer networks. With a strong ability to identify social media return on investment and key performance indicators that align with overall organizational objectives, and an extensive portfolio supporting Fortune 500 clients and small businesses at the start-up level, we at Pivotal New Media are excited to start working with your business today!

What Drives Us

At Pivotal, we want to help all business be successful from the start. Every year, 90% of startups close their doors. A large pain point for these businesses is the ability to define and reach their target audiences. Pivotal can help give each business the same advantage, no matter the size of the business. We are problem solvers and believe that our digital marketing solutions will help your business reach its goals. 


Of StartUps Fail


Of People Own At Least One Social Media Profile


The Average Improvement Of ROI Seen By Companies That Engage In Social Selling

Our Solutions

We have a way of doing things differently from other consultant groups, and it makes a difference to our clients success and satisfaction. We understand how to connect businesses, audiences, and conversion with our unique approach to designing a insights powered, customer-centric, digital ecosystem.

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