10 Principles of Psychology You Can Use to Improve Your Social Media Marketing

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At Pivotal New Media, we’ve discovered that you need to delve into a bit of human psychology if you want to improve your digital marketing strategy.

So, here are ten principles of psychology we recommend you use to boost your social media marketing efforts:

#1 The law of simplicity

This is technically referred to as the Law of Pragnanz, but it basically refers to how humans like to process simple information. Relating this to your social media marketing, you need to keep everything clear and simple. Don’t overcomplicate your content – make it easy for people to take in!

#2 Focus on what the audience wants

You have to play up to your audience’s desires on social media. Think about what they want, then create content that gives them a way to get what they desire. If someone feels like you hold the answers, then they’ll more likely engage with you.

#3 The fear of missing out

Humans fear missing out on things. Use this to your advantage the next time you post on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. Offer something to your followers that’s only available for a limited time, and they can only access if they follow you. People fear the thought of missing out on this valuable thing, so they’ll engage.

#4 ‘Why?’

Your social media marketing strategy should focus on why people need your business. Show them ‘why’ they need you through your content.

#5 The power of reciprocation

Reply to comments on Facebook/Instagram, retweet people on Twitter, and give your audience a follow across social media. This taps into something called reciprocation – people feel compelled to pay you back for doing things for them. As such, there’s more chance they’ll start following you, retweeting your tweets, and this grows your social presence.

#6 Social proof

It’s found that people identify with brands if people they trust/admire are talking about them. This is called social proof, and you can offer this on social media by working with influencers. Tap into people with large followings, and they offer social proof to their audience that you can be trusted.

#7  Cialdini’s principle of liking

This is a simple one; people respond well to people they ‘like.’ Usually, this is because they identify with that person and share common interests. Adapt this approach in your social media marketing by posting things that people can relate to. Make your brand feel ‘human’ so others can connect with you.

#8 Framing

The principle of framing is simple; audiences respond differently based on how something is framed. So, if you positively frame your content, this results in positive engagement. Bear than it mind the next time you update your Facebook status or post a tweet.

#9 Mere exposure

This is a theory that examines how people change their views the more they’re subjected to the same thing. In marketing terms, you shouldn’t be afraid to post the same content or repeat the same messages. The more you do this, the more of an impact it has on your followers.

#10 Authority

Human beings are mentally wired to respond well to authority figures/sources. So, use this idea in your social media marketing campaign. Share information from authoritative sources to provide your followers with expert information. In turn, this ends up making your business seem like a knowledgeable presence as well.

Naturally, it’s all well and good seeing these ten principles, but how do you apply them in the right way? At Pivotal New Media, we can help you tap into the psychology of your target audience. We deliver bespoke solutions to help any business with their social media and digital marketing needs. Contact us today, and we’ll develop a strategy that increases your social engagement, boosts your digital presence, and helps drive more leads to your business.

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