10 Signs You Should Invest in Social Media Marketing

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You’ve seen businesses use social media marketing before, but is it right for you? Today, we’re bringing you 10 significant signs that show you really need to start investing in this form of digital marketing:

No one knows who you are

Take to the streets and ask people if they’ve heard of your business. Do a quick online search to see if anything’s being said, and even look at if people are talking about you on social media. If hardly anyone is aware you exist, then you need social media marketing to boost awareness!

You’re spending way too much on traditional marketing

One of the best things about social media marketing is that it’s affordable. It doesn’t cost much to create accounts on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Snapchat and promote your business. If you’re spending way too much on traditional methods, then this is a sign you need to make a change.

You’re not seeing results

Marketing is results-driven, so, if your current campaign isn’t creating leads or driving web traffic, then you need social media to assist you.

Everyone else is doing it

Are all your rivals using social media as part of their digital marketing strategy? If so, then you can’t afford to fall behind! Don’t let them get the other hand; invest in a social media strategy today.

Customers are asking where they can follow you

If your existing customers are asking where they can follow you on social media, then that’s as big a sign as any that you need to give it a shot. They clearly want to interact with you across different social channels, so give them what they want!

Your business growth is stalling

Small businesses can struggle to grow if they don’t have a stellar marketing strategy. Stunted growth is a sign you should invest in social media marketing as it can boost brand awareness, reel in new customers, and grow your company.

People complain about your customer support

Check out any reviews for your business online – or look at any disgruntled emails you receive. If people are complaining about your lack of customer support, then you need social media marketing. It can help you open up new customer support channels by communicating with your customers. Therefore, you improve support and improve customer satisfaction!

Your website bounce rate is too high

If your bounce rate is too high, it usually means the traffic isn’t targeted. With social media marketing, you engage with your target market, driving them straight to your site. As such, you can lower that bounce rate – which has a knock-on effect for SEO too!

You’ve got no brand identity

Without a brand identity, it’s impossible to get people to connect with your business and stay loyal to it. Social media is the perfect tool for sculpting a brand identity and relating to your target consumers.

You don’t have a loyal customer base

Following on from the point above, if you’ve not got a loyal base of customers, then you need to start using social media strategies. This will help you create a community for people to be part of. As such, loyalty will come!

Are any of these signs relevant to you? If so, then contact Pivotal New Media, and we’ll help you invest in social media marketing. With our bespoke plans that are tailored to your business, there’s no limit to what you will achieve. Your small business will generate a significant online presence, which ultimately leads to more growth!


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