11 Ways to Completely Revamp Your Digital Marketing

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Digital marketing strategies can go stale if you don’t update them. With that in mind, here are 11 ways you can completely revamp yours today:

Focus on customer experience

Change the way you do things to focus more on the customer experience. For example, create a responsive website that’s easy for people to use. Or, post social media updates that are actually useful to them.

Go mobile

Everyone uses a mobile device, so you have to adapt your digital marketing strategy for this. Focus on mobile search optimization and using things like apps to promote your business.

Get creative

Do things differently; create content that’s unique and captivates your target market. We know this is hard to do, but we can help with things like this. Content is the backbone of your digital strategy, so think outside the box!

Make it personal

The beauty of modern marketing is that we have access to so much consumer data. Use this to personalize your digital marketing efforts, so they appeal to specific users. This is great when used in email marketing campaigns.

Explore new channels

Are you only focusing on search engine marketing or social media? Revamp your strategy my exploring other avenues – like email marketing, digital advertising, etc.

Use new technologies

Check out what technology is new and trending right now – this can help add something to your campaign. For example, Augmented Reality is big at the moment, leading to new ideas for content and adverts.

Run a big campaign

Take the plunge and invest in a big marketing campaign that targets either a specific product launch or your business as a whole. It’s a great way to try and stand out, while also helping you reel in new customers.

Make use of marketing automation

You don’t have time to do everything manually, so call upon marketing automation to automatically schedule social media marketing posts, send out email responses, and so on.

Carry out an audit

Conduct a full-scale audit of your existing digital marketing strategy to figure out what’s generating good results, and what’s wasting money. This helps you understand what to get rid of and what deserves more investment.

Invest in some ads

It pays to invest money in digital ads as they can generate so much exposure for your company. They’re cost-effective too – the chances of generating leads and closing sales is increased if someone finds your website by clicking on your ads!

Work with a talented consulting firm

Finally, you can seriously revamp your digital marketing strategy if you hire a consulting firm. At Pivotal New Media, we have all the knowledge needed to take your current approach and upgrade it to something new. After all, you’re probably not a digital marketing expert, but we are!

All companies need to adjust their digital strategy if they want to see continued results. Save time and money by coming to Pivotal New Media for help. We’ll work with you to develop a strategy that helps your business achieve all of your goals. Contact us today, and we can get started on your revamped digital marketing campaign!



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