5 Tips on Building a Facebook Marketing Strategy for Realtors

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Almost two and a half billion people use Facebook every month, from every corner of the world. Though of course not everybody will be local to you, that’s still a huge audience — hence, it makes sense to build a quality Facebook marketing strategy for your real estate agency.

To find out how you can use Facebook effectively, check out our five key tips below.

1. Use Reviews and Testimonials

When it comes to engaging with your audience and making yourself appear trustworthy and reliable, reviews and testimonials can be invaluable.

When potential customers hear positive feedback from past customers, rather than directly from yourself, they’re more likely to trust you. A load of good reviews from real people looks great on your company and will only serve to attract more custom.

2. Make the Most of Photos and Video

Don’t underestimate the effects of photos and video footage when it comes to marketing with Facebook. They give your audience a closer, more personal look at the properties you’re selling when compared to simply reading ad copy. 

Bear in mind the specifications of photos and videos too — 4:5 photos take up more real estate on the news feed, really getting the attention of users. For videos, 9:16 takes up the most space and is ideal for use on Facebook.

3. Maximize the Use of Messenger

The Messenger function on Facebook should be a vital component of your marketing strategy. Over one billion people use Messenger to communicate, so it may be worth using a chatbot — you’re sure to see marketing costs decrease, and your return on investment increase.

By using a chatbot to automate conversations, you can engage with potential customers easily and save time and money as you won’t need staff to answer every message.

4. Interact With Your Audience

It sounds obvious, but the importance of interacting and engaging with your audience can’t be understated.

Try to position your page as a community hub, so that when talking to home buyers you can really build conversations and maintain relationships with them.

Feel free to chat with customers and reply to comments — it adds a personal touch that many businesses lack throughout their social media presence.

5. Use Facebook Ads

When it comes to targeting your audience and amplifying your reach, you can’t ignore the potential benefits of Facebook ads. 

When setting ads, Facebook will let you target specific demographics to fine-tune your potential audience — you’ll be able to reach your target audience. For example, you can target by location, income, and age.

Facebook ads are inexpensive compared to other, more traditional, forms of advertising too. The affordability of Facebook ads combined with their effectiveness at reaching your target audience makes them a great tool.

Perfecting Your Facebook Marketing Strategy

When you’re a realtor, it can be difficult to decide on your Facebook marketing strategy. However, by following our tips you can get started with marketing your real estate agency and increasing your audience — think about what’s best for your Facebook page!

If you’re looking for assistance with your real estate marketing strategy, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to find out how we can support you.

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