5 Tips on Building a Social Media Strategy for Realtors

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Are you looking for ways to generate new leads for your real estate business? Do you want to find new ways of connecting with the right clientele for your services? If so, then you need to establish a strong social media strategy to connect with them.

While there is certainly still a place for traditional marketing, digital marketing now reigns supreme. It can offer a much more efficient way to get in front of your target market.

Be sure to read below for an in-depth guide on several tips for building a social media digital marketing strategy that gives you more qualified connections.

1. Construct Buyer Personas

If you’re going to create a constructive digital marketing campaign, you first need to understand the clients that you’re addressing.

Constructing a social media strategy without understanding your target customer is like driving to a destination without a map. It’s a huge waste of time, money, and resources for your real estate business.

Fortunately, this can easily be fixed by taking the time to construct a few buyer personas for your company. These are imaginary consumers that you and your team create in order to create an effective marketing plan.

For example, you might create a buyer persona named “Ted”. Ted has spent his entire adult life renting apartments and homes. He’s somewhere between the age of 22 to 40 years old. 

Ted has always wanted to own a home but has never seen a reason to do so. Now his family is growing and they need more room. Ted predominantly uses Facebook, with a little Instagram and LinkedIn mixed in. 

You can use this information on “Ted” and other buyer personas that you create to strategize your social media strategy. Now, instead of trying to create a message for everyone on the internet, you’re focusing on attracting “Ted” and others like him.

2. Find the Right Social Media Platforms

Just because there are several social media platforms out there for you to use doesn’t mean you have to use them all.

As previously mentioned, you only have so much time throughout the day. You want to make sure you can commit the proper attention to a social media platform that will get you results. 

That’s why it’s advantageous to research social media platforms with the most active users. currently, Facebook reigns supreme, with Youtube and WhatsApp not far behind. 

Try not to let your personal preference stand in the way. For example, many businessmen and businesswomen elect to prioritize Instagram for their real estate business since it’s the one they use the most in their personal lives.

However, Instagram currently only ranks 6th among platforms with the most active users. Less than half of Facebook’s active users. To give yourself more of an audience, you should consider prioritizing Facebook.

Building your social media presence is a marathon, not a sprint. Start by building a base of followers and connecting with them on one platform. If you want to integrate more platforms at once, you’ll need the help of a digital marketing solutions company.

3. Combine Your Digital and Traditional Marketing Efforts

Who said you had to pick between the two? Both digital marketing and traditional marketing have their place in your real estate business’s plans.

Currently, digital marketing should be the primary focus, but there are ways to combine digital and traditional marketing into the perfect one-two punch.

There are many ways to do that. For example, you can place things like your company’s Twitter handle, Facebook address, or hashtag on your business card. You can perform a virtual tour of your properties by running a live video on Facebook.

The options are endless! Speak with your digital marketing solutions company about different ways to incorporate the two. 

4. Post Your Properties Often

This should be prefaced by saying that you shouldn’t dive into a full-on sales pitch for your different properties each day. Merely share a photo of them.

As they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Let the beauty of your properties show your followers what they gain access to when working with your company.

These photos will naturally produce more intrigue for your business. Type in a few key selling points about the house in your caption and let the property do the rest.

Be sure to remain active with all comments you receive. This will help boost the trust between your company and your followers.

5. Display Client Testimonials

There’s nothing wrong with bragging about your company’s customer satisfaction, but you better be able to back it up! What better way to do that than by posting the praise you’ve received from past clients?

Your followers will love seeing the positive feedback on your services. It will give them more confidence in your brand and establish your company as an industry expert in their minds.

The frequent client testimonials and success stories will build brand recall with your followers. Even if they don’t need your services right now, you’ll be the first person they reach out to when they do.

You’ll also want to post a few client testimonials on the home page of your website. But pushing those testimonials out on your social media platforms will engage interest.

Build Your Social Media Strategy Today

Now that you have seen several in-depth tips on how to boost your social media strategy and why digital marketing is so important, use it to your advantage.

Be sure to read this article for more information on the 10 signs you should invest in social media marketing for your real estate business.

Please be sure to reach out to connect with our consultants for support and guidance on how to build your digital marketing strategies.

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