8 Surprising Ways Email Marketing Is More Refreshing Than New Socks

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The rumors of the death of email marketing are greatly exaggerated. Instead, it’s more accurate to say that the old ideas about what email marketing is and what it can be used for are dying. 

That’s great news because the outdated concepts weren’t providing the full potential of this fantastic marketing tool. Several years ago, the majority of emails you received from a brand were purely promotional. They would be part of flashy, yet often intrusive campaigns designed to get people to buy and buy as quickly as possible. 

It was the equivalent of waving your hand in someone’s face and saying ‘hey, we’re still here!’

Unfortunately, these emails were often seen as spam and thanks to new advances in machine learning, it’s easier than ever for email service providers to weed out spam before users even get a chance to see it. 

So, let’s slip on this new style of email marketing and see if it’s the right fit for your business. 


The issue with purely promotional email marketing is that it doesn’t provide value to the consumer. This is particularly true if it’s a general push for random products that they weren’t interested in anyway. All, you’re going to do is clog up their inbox and they certainly won’t thank you for that. Instead, you need to think about what could be of use to them. What do they want from you? There’s a lot of choices here like white papers, infographics, newsletters, ebooks and special deals including exclusive content. Deep and detailed content that answers questions they have or solves problems is always going to be valued. 

Completely Personalized 

One of the issues with old school email marketing is that a typical email was created and then sent out to the masses. Thanks to new forms of online analytics and improvements in software, you can completely customize content. Create groups for different users such as those that have just joined your email marketing list and those that haven’t engaged with your brand in a while. You can make these emails as personal you like and this will once again mean that they are more valuable for your customers. You’ll be recommending products that they actually want! 

Highly Effective 

How useful is email marketing to you as a business? Well, 54% of marketers claim it’s the most effective digital channel above mobile, PPC and social media. As well as this, according to the direct marketing association, it provides an ROI of 4,300%! 

Keeping Your Customers Loyal And Engaged

Loyalty is vital in your business. With the right level of loyalty, you can always rely on customers to keep buying and providing the revenue stream you need. They’ll do this even when faced with a potentially cheaper competition. The right email marketing will ensure that you are providing value to customers and more than they might ordinarily expect from a brand. 


On average, an individual will check their email 37 times a day. This is about once every fifteen minutes. So, people are definitely on their inbox and if you send the right email they will read the content you sent. 

Ultimately, unlike other forms of marketing, you know an email is going to reach your target audience. You just need to make sure you’re giving them a reason to open it. 

Completely Flexible 

There are no limits on the type of content that you can provide to customers through email marketing. From infographics to newsletters and even video messages, the choice is entirely up to you. As well as allowing you to create a diverse and immersive marketing campaign, this ensures that you can tackle a few key areas. Keep them updated on changes to your company, provide bite-sized easy to digest content and add a new level of engagement. 

Measure And Learn 

You can easily discover key stats from email marketing. This includes everything from open-rates to CTR and bounce rates. All this info will allow you to constantly and continuously reevaluate your campaign and make improvements in the crucial areas. By learning the patterns you will evolve your marketing efforts in the right direction. You won’t have to guess what customers want, you’ll know with near certainty. 

The Perfect Add On To A Multi-Channel Marketing Campaign 

Last but certainly not least, email marketing is a great choice of channel to add or integrate with other marketing channels. You can create a multi-tiered approach where an email could lead to a popup or a jump over to social media. This is another example of how flexible the marketing solution is when used the right way. 

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