8 Things Yoda Would Say About Digital Marketing

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A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away there was a wise Jedi master masquerading as a mischievous imp. Yes, when we first meet Yoda in Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, he is in hiding after the execution of Order 66. When he encounters Luke he pretends to be a crazy somewhat manic character. Long gone were the words of wisdom and the great philosophical teachings he was known for. Through episode I to III we quickly discover that Yoda is a deep thinker and has much wisdom to impart. Help you with your digital marketing, his words could. 

“Size Matters Not. Look At Me. Judge Me By My Size, Do You?”

Yoda is tiny and roughly about 66cm. Yet, he shows great strength and can accomplish incredible feats. In Revenge of the Sith, he can catch and levitate objects more than ten times his size. After imparting the above words of wisdom to Luke, Yoda causes his TIE fighter to rise from the swamp. 

Size isn’t as important as people believe. Your competitors may be larger than you but you can still compete on their level. You can still accomplish wonders with your marketing campaign. You may not have their budget or their tools but with the right strategy, you will still succeed. Countless SMEs have been able to create digital marketing campaigns that went viral. 

“Already Know You That Which You Need.”

It’s as easy to underestimate the knowledge you have as it is to overestimate it. Both mistakes can lead to your downfall in the digital marketing world. If you underestimate your knowledge you will constantly be focused on gaining more rather than taking the right action. You will never achieve greatness or reach the full potential of your campaign. You already have the building blocks to create your digital marketing campaign. You just need to move forward with your strategy and don’t doubt yourself. 

“Try Not. Do Or Do Not, There Is No Try.”

If you are just getting started with digital marketing, you will undoubtedly have a few failures. This is to be expected and you might even be surprised that you don’t see results overnight. Again, that’s normal but it can lead to you beginning to doubt your ability and the campaign you have put in place. It may cause you to wonder whether it’s even worth attempting. 

The reality is that it’s the doubt that will cause you to fail. You will begin to second guess yourself and resist taking the necessary steps to succeed. Yoda’s words simply mean that you can either accomplish something or you can’t, so the doubt is inconsequential. 

“You must feel the Force around you, A Jedi’s strength flows from the Force.”

The force is mystical energy in the Star Wars universe. It binds everything, it flows through everything and it is part of everyone. Even those who are not forced sensitive like Han Solo or Finn are impacted by force and it’s a powerful entity. 

If you’re looking for something comparable to the force in our world, then the internet is the obvious answer. Everything we do is online these days from communication to shopping and research. Yoda’s words prove that the force or the internet can be a powerful weapon or tool if you know how to use it. Digital marketing is the ultimate form of promotion and when you achieve the full potential, the reach is absolutely astounding. 

“You Must Unlearn What You Have Learned.”

We’re all guilty of picking up bad practices in marketing. This is particularly true when you consider that what constitutes a bad digital marketing practice changes constantly thanks to the Google algorithm. Marketing tactics that were effective last month could earn you a penalty next week. That’s why it’s important to constantly correct your marketing standards and immediately erase bad practices from your promotion. If you have a habit of using too many keywords or focusing too much on pure promotion, it can be difficult to correct. However, the rewards you gain from taking this step will make the process worth it. 

“The Greatest Teacher, Failure Is.”

This is basically a Yodaism which means ‘learn from your mistakes.’ In the digital marketing world, it’s easy to understand why learning from your errors could help you. If you can learn from them you can improve in key ways. You can make sure that you are constantly developing new tactics and exploring what you should be offering to consumers.

There are some great tools available like Google analytics that will help you understand the areas that you need to improve. Don’t give up if a marketing campaign isn’t effective, correct it and you can still gain the results you want. 

“Pass On What You Have Learned.”

Digital marketing is a concept that requires constant learning and improvement. You will always be gaining new skills and reaching a deeper understanding of how to reach your target audience or engage with them. When you do develop new knowledge, you shouldn’t keep it to yourself. Share it with the rest of your marketing team and anyone else in your business that could find value here. 

Do this and you can strengthen your business as a whole rather than in one key area. This will help you achieve greater results. 

“Named Must Be Your Fear Before Banishing It You Can.”

Are you scared of something going wrong in your marketing campaign? Are you worried that you might never achieve your goals? To tackle this issue, you need to understand the cause of your fear and what terrified you. Usually, for businesses, the fear is negative reviews and this leads to them either ignoring the poor feedback or attempting to cover it up. Instead, you should get to know the problem and work to find the right solution. Do this and negative reviews as well as other digital marketing fears can be vanquished. 

We hope Yoda’s words of wisdom can help you with your digital marketing journey. If you need more support contact the digital marketing Jedi themselves, Pivotal New Media for their expert services. 


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