Chatbots for Law Firms: How This Technology Can Help Lawyers

There was a time when chatbots seemed more like a quaint idea than a useful tool. Unable to process complex questions or grow with use, the chatbot of the early 2000s didn’t accomplish much.

Now, we can see a clear line of evolution in chatbot technology that could bring about a revolution in customer service. As chatbots progress in capabilities, they become useful for a wide variety of industries. If you haven’t heard, law is one of them.

Why are chatbots for law firms so promising? How can this simple yet adaptable technology improve everything from your reputation to your employee satisfaction?

We’re here to tell you. Read on to find out the many benefits of chatbots for law firms.

24/7 Assistance

Here’s an obvious benefit of chatbots for law firms: a chatbot can provide assistance any time, any day. You may have set hours of operation, but the law is in effect at all times. You never know when a potential client may come to you with questions.

A chatbot designed specifically for your law firm can’t provide legal guidance but it can get the ball rolling. Having a responsive and helpful chatbot to interact with will put your potential and current clients at ease. It will also help to establish a positive and trusting relationship that will improve the reputation of your law firm.

Interactive Q&A

Chances are, you have an FAQ section somewhere on your law firm’s website. Yet, you’re constantly getting asked the same questions. 

What kinds of cases do you take on? Do you provide free case consultations? What level of experience do your lawyers possess, what kind of track record are they working with, and when can they talk to clients?

With a legal chatbot, clients can get answers to all of these questions before even picking up the phone. Say goodbye to those neglected FAQ pages and hello to an interactive and evolving Q&A session.

Easy Scheduling

One of the simplest tasks a chatbot can perform also happens to be one of the most useful and time-saving: scheduling appointments. We can easily sync your schedule and ever-evolving availability with your chatbot. This enables clients to schedule consultations, debriefings, and other important appointments online. 

Reduced Employee Burnout

One thing is always true for every employee in a law firm and every type of law firm: law is a “client-facing” industry. Furthermore, when all of your clients are in a jam, it’s not unlikely that you’ll deal with negative emotions like anger and frustration. Unfortunately, studies have shown that employees who face poor treatment from customers or clients are more likely to quit. 

Unlike your employees, law firm chatbots don’t experience things like burnout. Chatbots aren’t aware of things like tone and they’re not phased by your clients’ emotions. In other words, having a chatbot to field initial questions can help to protect the mental health of your employees. 

Increased Employee Productivity

It’s not just your employees’ mental health at stake when they’re the only line of defense against clients. Dealing with rote tasks like scheduling is also a waste of your employees’ time and energy.

As a thriving law firm, your goal is always to maximize the number of cases you take on. However, you never want your caseload to exceed the amount of attention you can give each case. 

Chatbots can take on all of those rote responsibilities that disrupt your work. A chatbot will allow your employees to stay focused and provide each client with the best legal defense possible. 

Data Utilization 

At the heart of all of our services is the drive to help your business achieve digital marketing success. Understanding how clients are using your website and how they got there in the first place is crucial. The more you understand what’s driving your clients, the better you can meet those needs.

Chatbots provide unbeatably rich insight into what your clients need. That data can also reveal your digital weak spots by recording both answered and unanswerable questions. Plus, chatbots can record something that basic clicks and views can’t: how your clients are feeling. 

With our help, all of that data becomes actionable. We can take stock of trends and shortcomings quickly to help you make the updates to your digital footprint as needed. This not only benefits your clients but will also give you a competitive edge as your website grows and adapts.

Virtual Assistance

We tend to think of chatbots as customer-facing and data-retrieving technology. However, there are more options for chatbots nowadays and many of them provide internal assistance.

For example, you can use chatbots for scheduling just as clients can. You can also sync your chatbots to any digital case notes you’ve taken. This makes it easy for you to retrieve and review your case notes at a moment’s notice.

It is also possible to program chatbots to assist you and your clients with paperwork. Chatbots can store and retrieve documents such as consent forms, contracts, and more. 

Finally, chatbots know when they’ve reached their limit. When your law firm chatbot runs out of answers, it can redirect clients to a human representative. This ensures that you will always know when a client needs your help in a timely manner.

We’re Building Chatbots for Lawfirms. Are You Ready?

Chatbots have undergone a remarkable chain of evolution in the last decade. Now, paired with AI technology, chatbots can adapt to the needs of even the most nuanced industries. Are you ready to embrace the shift toward chatbots for law firms?

Our goal is to transform your online presence and transcend your growing needs. If you have questions about our services or you’re ready to get started, contact a consultant today.

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