How Chatbots Can Add Value To Your Customer’s Restaurant Experience

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Many digital-savvy businesses are already using chatbots to improve the customer experience, and to benefit the lives of your customers, you might consider doing the same.

What Are Chatbots?

Chances are, you have probably come across chatbots before. They are the software programs that interact with people through the live chat widgets that are present on websites, Facebook Messenger, Slack, and many other applications.

Customers can use these live chat boxes when communicating with businesses, but instead of talking to a human member of staff, they are conversing with computer programs that are powered by artificial intelligence. Chatbots automatically respond with pre-set answers when certain keywords are triggered, and they can perform actions in response to certain events, such as sending a customer a reminder to leave a review after they have used the business in question.

You can learn more about chatbots here, and the reasons why you might want to consider using them within your business. For the purposes of this article, we will detail how they will add value to your customer’s experience with your restaurant. 

How Chatbots Add Value To Your Customer’s Restaurant Experience

Chatbots Can Take Reservations

Taking reservations can be a time-extensive task for you and your employees, especially if yours is a particularly busy restaurant. But if you have a chatbot deployed on your mobile app, website, or social media account, you won’t need to handle your customer’s reservations, as this AI program will take the bookings for you. Not only this, but it can also handle customer queries and deal with menu requests, so you won’t have to answer the phone or chat online at all. 

Not only is this useful for you, but it’s useful for your customers too. They don’t have to wait in line when waiting to speak to you on the phone or online, and they can quickly do business with your restaurant at a time that suits them. Chatbots will also minimize the risks associated to human error, such as a member of staff making a booking that clashes with another, so your customers won’t have to deal with the frustrating consequences. 

Chatbots Can Offer Personalized Recommendations

The personal touch is always an effective way to ensure customer loyalty. But because you might see many customers in a day, and because you don’t have a brain programmed to remember every detail about them, you might sometimes fall short when trying to offer them personalized recommendations. Thank goodness for chatbots then!

Chatbots can use the previous purchase information of your customers when making recommendations to them. They might recommend foods they have ordered before, or they might advise them on dishes that fall in line with their personal tastes. Chatbots can even advise your customers on the drinks they might like with their meal, so all of their restaurant ordering needs can be covered. 

These recommendations add value to the customer, especially if they enjoy the foods and drinks that have been recommended to them. They can also help those customers who typically dither when trying to choose from a menu. Your business will benefit too, as your customers should have a greater affinity to your restaurant because of the personalized service provided by the chatbot. 

Chatbots Can Simplify The Takeaway Experience

If your restaurant offers a takeaway service, then your costumers can benefit from chatbot technology. Rather than spending time and money on a phone call, your customers can make their orders using the chat function on Facebook Messenger or your website. This can speed up the process for them, especially when your restaurant is busy. They can order at a time that suits them. And as suggested in a previous point, they will face less frustration, as a chatbot is not going to take down the wrong order details. Your business will benefit from the streamlining of the takeaway process, and your customers will benefit from the ease of ordering. 

Furthermore, some chatbots can be used for delivery tracking, so your customers won’t need to pester you for updates on their order, and they won’t have to sit at home stressing out because they think you might have forgotten about them! You won’t need to deal with any anguished phone calls either!

A Chatbot Can Promote Special Deals

Chatbots can use email lists to engage with your customers. If certain customers have been missing for a while, your chatbot can send them a message via email, text, or Facebook Messenger, with a discounted deal to lure them back to you. Chatbots can also recognize regular customers, and they can keep them coming back with those special deals that your restaurant is offering. 

Your customers will benefit from the chatbot as they enjoy the discounts that are being offered to them. Your business will also benefit as you will enjoy the loyalty and profits of your returning customers. 

Chatbots Can Encourage Feedback

According to statistics, many customers rely on review sites rather than friend and family recommendations when choosing what restaurant to visit. 

You need to take this into account for two reasons.

  1. You need to do all you can to get those good reviews
  2. You need to encourage customer reviews to make sure your restaurant is noticed by new customers.

A chatbot can bring you those good reviews because of the reasons we have listed already. By streamlining the customer experience, you will reduce frustration and other negative feelings about your business.

A chatbot can also encourage your customers to write reviews, as it can send out an automatic reminder to your customers after they have left your business. 

This adds value to any new customers who are looking for somewhere to eat, as those (hopefully) positive reviews will do much to help them in their search for a decent restaurant. 

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Chatbots can do much to add value to the customer, and they can also benefit your business. At Pivotal New Media, we can go into greater detail about the benefits of chatbots for you and your customers, and we can create them for your business too. Speak to us today if you would like to know more, and take your business into the 21st century with this advancing technology.


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