How Email Marketing Can Help Realtors Connect With Customers

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It’s the Internet’s world, we just live in it. It’s no understatement to say that the Internet has radically and inalterably changed humanity’s course forever. One big part of that change has been email.

Companies use email marketing now more than ever. Even realtors can leverage its power to connect with customers like never before. To learn how, keep reading.

Email Marketing for Realtors

This kind of technology’s for everyone, including realtors. In an industry in which relationships are highly important, email marketing can start and build a trustworthy relationship with customers.

A good place to start is with automated welcome messages. Set up a trigger that sends new subscribers a friendly welcome message once they sign up for your mailing list.

A welcome email recognizes the new person on your list. It notifies them that they signed up successfully. It also makes an excellent first impression and gives them an idea of what to expect from future emails.

At this point, the benefits to your real estate brand have just begun. You can contact customers instantly. Compare that to slow, snail mail or special delivery services like same-day and overnight couriers that are also significantly slower.

Emails also take less time to compose than formal letters.

Once someone signs up for your email list, the work has just begun. Emails are a two-way street that require at least some effort to keep your customers engaged and their wallets open.

Provide a sales or customer service phone number in your email to snag customers who need a bit more information before buying. Those phone numbers can give you sales leads and ultimately drive sales.

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You can also boost sales with a click-to-call button in your emails. This button allows mobile users to quickly call your business. Phone numbers and click-to-call buttons build trust and increase your conversion and email engagement rates.

Email marketing is so advanced these days that you can now use a call tracking and conversational analytics platform. It enables you to get attribution for calls made as a result of emails sent. In addition, you can track customers’ paths from the email, to the phone, and to your website so you know how and why they became a sales lead (and hopefully a sale).

Using that valuable data, you’ll then be able to optimize your emails. As you collect more data about subscriber preferences and needs, you’ll be able to personalize your emails to your customers. Behavioral triggers – like habitually viewing a certain section of your website – trigger emails that have a 152% higher open rate than traditional emails.

Send Emails, Sell Houses

Email marketing is an incredibly potent tool for any real estate brand. With a little effort and attention to detail, your brand and sales can take off as you connect with customers in ways you never thought possible.

The more emails you send, the more homes you’ll sell. Reach out to Pivotal New Media today for the very best digital marketing strategies in real estate. 

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