How Has Digital Marketing Changed Business?

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Where once print, direct mail, radio, and television ads dominated the marketing industry, the emphasis is now on digital marketing, and this is thanks to the power that the internet affords business owners the world over. 

Traditional marketing isn’t quite dead in the water, but as more people than ever before shop online, it makes sense that digital marketing methods are the way forward for both small and large business owners. 

Here are just some of the ways digital marketing has changed business.

Digital Marketing Is Cost-Effective

Print marketing is expensive, and so are the other forms of traditional marketing that used to be commonplace. For those business owners looking to save money, however, digital marketing has become something of a godsend. In some instances, no money needs to be spent at all, as it costs nothing to send an email, write a blog post, or post a social media message. But where money is spent, such as on website design or by paying for online ad space, that spending is cost-effective. The success (or otherwise) of a digital marketing campaign can easily be measured, thanks to the services we offer, and through the use of such online tools as Google Analytics and Klipfolio, so adjustments can be made to ensure money isn’t being wasted on the methods used. 

Digital Marketing Allows For Instant Communication With Customers

Thanks to social media and the webchat facilities you might use on your website, you can directly engage with your customers when they have questions about your business. No longer do they need to be put on hold when trying to get through to you by phone, and you no longer need to curb the expense of phone calls when trying to get through to them. Your business can also stay in touch with your customers when your business is closed, as by using chatbots on your website, they will be able to get the answers they need, even when you’re not around to talk to them.

We aren’t only talking about one-on-one communication, as digital marketing allows for internet communication with the masses. As it is possible to post updates about your business online quickly, be that through your website, social media channels, or through email, you can let people know on the fly about the discounts you are offering, the sales you are having, and about the new products and services that are available. This means your customers are up to date with relevant information, unlike those out-of-date flyers and catalogs they may have been reliant on before the internet took over their lives. 

Digital Marketing Has Humanized Brands

As effective as print ads and mail drops used to be, you have to admit that they weren’t very personal. But thanks to certain aspects of digital marketing, customers are now able to see the faces behind the businesses they use. 

For one, consider your website. Through the images you post, the blog posts you include, and the testimonials of your customers, you are able to relate to your customers in more personal ways. 

Social media marketing is another way to humanize your brand. This is through the way you can paint a picture about your business through the posts you publish, and its also through the way that you can connect with your customers when talking to them and replying to their queries on your social media channels. And thanks to affiliate marketing, your existing customers can spread the word about your business to their followers, and be the advocates of trust that new customers need when considering your business. 

Digital Marketing Has Levelled The Playing Field

For smaller businesses struggling to gain a foothold in the consumer marketplace, digital marketing has leveled the playing field. No longer do they need the bigger budgets of their larger competitors to reach their customers. And they no longer need to spend years gaining the credibility that has been afforded those who have been in business for a long time, as for instances such as these, digital marketing has made it easier for the little guy.

Consider social media, for example. A small business can make just as much of an impact on social media as a bigger business, provided they post regularly and release content that is timely and relevant. It’s an inexpensive form of marketing, although, with the services of a digital consultant, a small business can experience greater degrees of success through this format. 

Small businesses can quickly build trust too, through social media, affiliate marketing, online review sites, a well-formed and professional looking website, and through well written and educated blog posts. While some of the bigger brands will often have the upper hand thanks to the credibility of their name and products, it’s a little easier now for smaller businesses to play catchup when building their brand image. Again, we can help you in this regard, so get in touch. 

Digital Marketing Offers The Potential For More Customers

Thanks to social media, people can be reached en masse, as blog posts, product pages, and other relevant website links can be shared with others quickly and easily. You can share these pages with others, and your employees and customers can do the same. 

Thanks to the internet, you can also take advantage of influencer marketing. While any of your customers can act as online influencers, you can reach more people by hiring those online influencers who already reaching millions of people via their Instagram and YouTube channels. If they mention or post pics and vids about your product or business, you could see a sudden drive in sales because of the influence these people have on their fans. 


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Digital marketing has changed the world of business forever, and as we have highlighted here, many of these changes have been positive. To make the most of what digital marketing can do for your business, contact us today. As industry experts, we can create a digital advertising campaign that will benefit your business, and we can make sure you stay current by focussing your attention on the digital marketing methods that will help you reach your demographic. 


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