How To Grow Your Non-Profit Member Base Using Digital Marketing

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There are all kinds of ways to market your non-profit organization, of course. You can hold annual benefit galas, pay for TV and radio ads, and meet people face to face at community events. These are all excellent methods but in today’s modern age, it makes sense to place some focus on digital marketing too. 

In this article, we are going to go through the actions you need to take to increase support for your mission using the digital marketing tools at your disposal.

Focus On Your Website

Not only is your website the face of your organization but its the hub of all your member-growing activities too. From your site, you can use call-to-action buttons to encourage your site visitors to sign up to your cause, make donations, and connect to your social media channels. You can sign people up for newsletters too, and this can form the basis of your email marketing. 

There is much you can do to grow your member base from your website, so be sure to concentrate on your web content. Include those pictures and stories that will capture the emotions of your visitors. Create a blog that details the efforts of your volunteers, and perhaps include posts from people you have actively helped with your cause. And include videos too, as your site visitors will then get an added glimpse into the work you are doing, and it will give them extra insight into the needs of the people you are striving to meet. 

When you have nailed the content of your website, those call-to-action buttons won’t go unused. So, concentrate on all of these areas within your website, and hire the relevant people to help if needed. You might want to enlist the services of web designers, freelance writers, and videographers, for example, as they will have the skills to help you promote the messages you are trying to convey to the people who visit your site. 

Use Social Media

Not only can you connect your site visitors to your social media accounts but you can also direct them to your website from the social platforms you are using.

Using social media, you can share those stories, videos, and images that reflect the work you are doing, and you can provide links to your sign up forms for those people that are moved by your work. 

It’s a good idea to use the paid advertising options on your social media channels too, as you will then have the opportunity to reach a wider audience. While these will require an investment, you can easily reach your demographic with the targeting options available, so the small amount you have to pay should seem worth it in the long-term. 

You can also encourage your current membership to spread the word about your organization to their social media networks. You might also make contact with a social media influencer who can push your message and organization to the people who follow them. With the promotional help of people such as these, you should soon see growth within your non-profit member base. 

So, consider the social media channels that your demographic is likely to use, and focus on them. Follow our advice on using hashtags to increase engagement with your potential members. And get in touch with us, as with the social media tools and techniques that we can make available to you, you will quickly start to make an impact on social media and grow your member base. 

Harness The Power Of Email Marketing

If people have subscribed to newsletters from your website, you will be able to promote your message to them using email marketing. While emails can be used to encourage your current members to donate more to your organizations, you can also ask them to forward your newsletters to other interested parties, as you will be able to grow your member base this way. You can also email those people on your database who haven’t become official members of your organization yet. 

When sending out emails, remember to include a call to action with the messages you are sending out. You might encourage donations, for example, or a request for your letters to be forwarded to others. You might invite your current members to events you are holding too, perhaps with the request that they invite non-members along as a way of generating extra interest in your cause. 

Check out our advice on email marketing, and speak to us if you would like to know more about utilizing this marketing method for your organization. 

Utilize SEO

With SEO (search engine optimization), you will be able to reach those people who are actively looking online for organizations such as yours. They will then have the opportunity to visit your website, read your blog posts, and see your published newsletters. Hopefully, they will then be encouraged to become members of your non-profit organization, and the people you serve should benefit from their donations. 

There is an excellent guide on SEO for non-profits here, so have a read, and make the correct adjustments to your content yourself or hire an SEO professional to help you with this marketing strategy. 

Consider Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Using Google AdWords, you can promote your organization within Google’s search results. While you will have to pay a minimal amount for every click on your link, you might consider the investment worthwhile if your membership increases because of the ads that have been placed online. However, you might not have to pay very much at all, as many charities can now benefit from Google Ad Grants. Follow the link to see if your organization is eligible. If so, you will have access to $10.000 a month for advertising, and this will really give your cause the boost it needs online. 

Contact Us

If you would like to know more about digital marketing for your non-profit organization, get in touch with our talented team. With the necessary training and expertise needed to help you reach your membership goals, we can develop a marketing strategy with you to grow your non-profit. Speak to one of our digital consultants today, and benefit from the support we can give to your cause. 

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