Lessons On Marketing Strategies From A Galaxy Far, Far Away

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There’s a reason why the Stars Wars saga is beloved by so many and has withstood the test of time. It’s not just because it’s an epic space opera with entertaining and incredible battles. It’s about how it relates to our own experiences and challenges. Believe it or not, the lessons that are apparent throughout Star Wars can be incredibly useful. They could even help you strengthen your digital marketing strategy. 

People Forget…Fast

If you watch the Star Wars saga in its entirety, you might notice two key time jumps. There’s a jump of 19 years between Episode III & IV, while there’s another jump of 30 between Episode VI and VII. 

The interesting trait here is how quickly people forget. Through episodes 1 to 3, the Jedi Order is a powerful group in the galaxy. They are involved in government decisions and are widely respected. They aren’t ninjas, they carry around multicolored light swords! Yet, by A New Hope the Jedi seem all but completely forgotten and are mythical characters. This happens again in Episode 7 when Finn and Rey are astounded to discover that the stories from thirty years ago were true. 

The lesson here is simple. If you don’t remind your audience you exist, just like the Jedi and Luke, you will be forgotten. You will fade into obscurity and that’s why a marketing campaign must be constant. It should also be multichannelled, putting the focus on any area where customers are going to notice your business. At the same time, you can’t become dull and need to keep things exciting. Maybe the Jedi were forgotten because people grew bored of them?

The Dark Side Always Loses

We haven’t seen Rise Of Skywalker just yet, but we’re willing to bet that the First Order and evil Emperor Palpatine lose. While it took some time, eventually he was destroyed once before and Vader fell so that Anakin Skywalker could once again rise. 

That’s why it’s important not to succumb to the dark side with your digital marketing strategy. If you do, your victory will certainly be shortlived. Black hat marketing tactics will provide temporary boosts in your ranking online. However, all too quickly Google will strike you down with a penalty. 

Similarly, businesses that are offering poor quality content and providing no real value to consumers will eventually fail. Customers quickly become wary of these tactics and will retreat to find a greater competition that is offering a high-quality service. 

You Can’t Defeat A Jedi

George Lucas once described Star Wars as being like poetry. It rhymes and repeats which is why there are themes that are apparent throughout the saga. Another key lesson to learn is that you can’t defeat a Jedi or in the digital marketing world, a great brand. 

When Vader strikes down Obi-Wan, he warns the Sith lord that he will become more powerful than he ever imagined. Luke delivers the same sentiment when Kylo Ren cuts down his force apparition. 

Even in death, Obi-Wan is able to reach Luke and help him accomplish what he needs to take down the dark side. It’s not a stretch to say that Luke will probably achieve the same with Rey. This is another sign that good will always triumph and a great brand that is delivering fantastic value will always be rewarded with customers eager to buy and connect. 

You Have More Power Than You Know 

The heroes of Star Wars are constantly underestimating themselves. Rey believes she is no one special, Luke feels as though he can’t possibly accomplish what is expected of him and Anakin tragically succumbs to his fears of the worst happening which ultimately leads to them coming to fruition. 

However, throughout the films it’s clear that these fears are unfounded. The heroes are always stronger than they think and have the power they need to win. Finn who may be force sensitive but is by no means a Jedi is able to go toe to toe with Kylo Ren to protect Rey. Luke does eventually become a powerful Jedi and Rey shows more strength with every film. 

When you engage in digital marketing, it can seem like you have no chance of going viral. However, if you are determined and committed to providing real value, with the right time and effort you can succeed. You can reach what once seemed like impossible new heights with your marketing campaign. 

Fear Leads To The Dark Side 

Anakin’s fear of losing Padme causes him to embrace the worst parts of himself. Luke’s fear of Kylo causes the young trainee to turn away from his teachings and end up under the command of Snoke. 

What do you fear most with your digital marketing campaign? Most brands fear that they will never find success and will always struggle to reach and audience. This leads to many embracing schemes that will help them reach their goals faster. These schemes are the dark side of digital marketing such as buying follows on social media rather than letting them build naturally.

When you are building your digital campaign, you must let your fear go and instead focus on creating a quality marketing strategy. 


Finally, everyone in the Star Wars universe seems to understand the value of patience. The last Jedis go into hiding until Luke and Leia are old enough to be the champions they need. The whole of VIII is a game of cat and mouse where the rebels must wait to survive, leading to immense frustration. Even those on the dark side are patient. Palpatine waits years to bring his plan to fruition and Mace Windo’s desperation to take immediate action leads to the evil emperor’s success. 

Patience will be an asset in every aspect of your digital marketing campaign. It will help ensure that you don’t rush and ultimately make mistakes. It will guarantee you avoid blackhat tactics and it will allow you the time you need to provide the value consumers want. 

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