Chatbots for Law Firms: How This Technology Can Help Lawyers

There was a time when chatbots seemed more like a quaint idea than a useful tool. Unable to process complex questions or grow with use, the chatbot of the early 2000s didn’t accomplish much. Now, we can see a clear line of evolution in chatbot technology that could bring about a revolution in customer service. As chatbots […]

11 Ways Chatbots can add to your business’ bottom line

If there is one thing that all businesses are interested in today, it is boosting their bottom line. There are many different profit generating ventures, and so it is all about finding one that is right for you. No matter your business – the size of it or the industry you operate in – a chatbot is something worth considering.

Warning: You’re losing money by not using Chatbots

Are you looking for a new weapon in your business arsenal? If so, you should definitely consider the massive potential of chatbots and the impact that this resource could have on your company as a whole. 

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