Why Social Media Marketing Is So Crucial In Real Estate

For today’s real estate agents, understanding the power of social media is crucial – not only because social platforms are excellent channels for marketing but also due to their potential for maximum reach at relatively low cost. In this article, we investigate why all serious real estate agents should consider social media as part of their overall marketing strategy.

Instagram 101 For Restaurants

How many times have you taken a picture of your food before eating it? Millions of people do, and then they post them on social media for all the world to see. As a restaurant owner, this is something you want to capitalize on. People like to see good food (and they like to eat it too), and if you can broadcast the foods you are serving up online through your social media channels, more people are going to come into your restaurant, with a whetted appetite and hungry bellies.

How to Explain Social Media Marketing to Your Mom

Even we’ll admit that social media marketing can be a complex entity sometimes. This made us think; what’s the easiest way to explain social media marketing? We’ve compiled some key points that are so easy to understand you could even explain them to your mom!

Why is Social Media Marketing Important for Small Business?

Big business is all over social media right now. Executives realize that it is one of the best tools available for reaching out to customers. Small companies, on the other hand, can sometimes lag behind, wondering whether they should use online social tools are not.

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