The Anatomy of a Great Digital Marketing Campaign

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Some digital marketing campaigns are excellent, while others are not so great. The question is; what separates the best from the rest? Lucky for you, the team here at Pivotal New Media is about to share what we think is the anatomy of a great digital marketing campaign:


At the heart of the very best campaigns is a collection of data. You get all of this before and during the campaign – for different reasons. Before you do anything else, you must collect data on your target market. Understand who they are, what they do, and why they’re interested in your business. This helps set up your entire digital marketing campaign and influences everything you do from here on out!

During the campaign, you need to collect data to see how your strategy is working. This data tells you about your web traffic, how people are visiting your site, the conversion rate, and so on. We find this is essential for tracking everything and ensuring you’re only doing things that yield positive results.

Achievable goals

This is self-explanatory; a great digital marketing campaign needs to have clearly defined goals. As a result, it gives you something to work towards, which influences all that you do. If your goal is to gain a certain amount of traffic in a month, then your efforts are geared towards that.

A killer website

All great digital marketing campaigns revolve around a website. You need a killer business site that looks amazing, works perfectly and provides the ultimate user experience. Think of this as your online base – it’s where your digital audience will find you.

Digital channels

There are many digital channels you can explore, and some work better than others. At Pivotal New Media, we firmly believe that social media is a given. You have to use this, and then it’s a question of picking the channels that work best for your business. This depends on your target market and the goals you wish to achieve. But, don’t put all your eggs in one basket, and don’t spread yourself too thin either!

Excellent content

Naturally, you need content to help fuel your digital marketing campaign and send the right messages to your target market. This will help mold your brand image and make people connect with you – it’s essential for growing a loyal customer base and drawing in new customers. Create engaging content, and make sure you work to a schedule. Plan out what content you’ll produce and when/how you’ll distribute it. This ensures you keep your audience engaged, which helps you thrive.

A lot of this may sound confusing, but that’s why we’re here to help. With Pivotal New Media, you’ve got access to a consulting firm that lives and breathes digital marketing. We know the anatomy of a great campaign, and we can create one for you. It’s a cost-effective approach to digital marketing that will grow your business. Contact our team today, and we can start with an initial consultation.

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