The Benefits of Real Estate Marketing Automation, Explained

Did you know that over 51% of US businesses are now using marketing automation tools? In the real estate industry, a strong digital presence is essential for lead generation and customer maintenance.

But what is real estate marketing automation, and how does it benefit your business? Here’s a guide a comprehensive guide on real estate automation:

What Is Real Estate Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation tools reduce your manual work by automating most services. They effortlessly manage campaigns, design the campaigns, streamlines workflow and processes.

With the market offering different automation tools, choose tools that’ll benefit you. Below are important marketing automation tools that every realtor should have:

Lead Generation

Real estate agents can generate leads from landing pages. Other leads include social media followers, and email subscriptions. Keeping up with the existing and new leads is prone to errors and is difficult when done manually.

You can make the process simpler and more efficient by using marketing automation software. The software identifies prospects and funnels them into a unified database.

Here the realtor can access them with ease.

The tool automatically adds the prospects to the database. It includes prospects contact information, names, and other available information.

Prospect Segmentation

While a unified database is crucial for marketing and converting leads, it cannot identify client needs.

This is where prospect segmentation comes in. During segmentation, the tool sorts and categorizes prospects using given criteria. The criteria may vary from online interactions made before or customize to your preference.

Email Marketing

Having neat category of prospects is vital. It informs each prospect category on suitable deals through email marketing becomes simple. Since writing individual emails is hectic, email automation can save you trouble.

It’ll send out emails to different categories depending on how you want it done. For instance, prospects in a particular category will receive a similar email once you draft it and share it.

The email automation tool makes it easier for you to generate more leads. It entices hundreds of prospects from a single email.

Manage Social Media Content

The millennials spend most of their time on different social media platforms. Besides checking on their friends, they now use it to find listed properties. Also, they’ll look for testimonies from your previous clients using the same platform.

Thus, maintaining a high social presence is key for your real estate business.
But how will social media content transform your real estate business, and what should you do?

Uploading property pictures, fast response to queries and posts showcasing your events can build your social media presence. Worried if you’ll manage to upload different photos and content across several social media handles?

Social media automation comes in handy. This is more so when uploading various social medial posts at intervals. The tool also gives instant responses to queries through chatbots.

Top Benefits of Real Estate Marketing Automation

Now you know how marketing automation works and different marketing tools. So how does it benefit real estate? Here are top reasons why real estate marketing automation is the best thing for your business:

Time Saving

The real estate industry is ever-growing. It means that the list of competitors keeps going high every day. To combat competition and win more clients, you’ve no time to waste.

You need to develop good content to get the right audience.

The marketing automation tools save you time by automating all tasks. Whichever tool you’re using, you’ll spend less time in marketing but focus on closing sales.

Measurable Results and Accurate Reporting

Manual tracking of data is barely impossible for established realtors. The use of marketing automation software helps track your expenditure and monitors your marketing campaigns.

With accurate monitoring and tracking of your campaigns, it’ll provide measurable data.

Do you have to spend hours each day trying to identify how many people visited your site? Quality marketing automation tools identify how many prospects visited the site and how many placed a lead.

Identify the Right Audience

Sending out the right marketing information to prospects is paramount for realtors. Though most homeowners start their search several months earlier, the information passed on to them should resonate with their purchase stage.

A competent software identifies the buyer’s stage and helps you send personalized and real-time messages. This way, you’re confident that prospects are getting the right message at the optimal time.

Recognizes Hot Leads

Marketing automation tools have lead scoring features essential for the assignment of scores to all the leads performed. You can develop a strategy where leads gain points when they sign up and visit your landing page.

The process will help you identify hot leads and develop specific campaign strategies for this audience.

Reduce the Paperwork

Property purchase demands a lot of paperwork, from contracts to different official documents. Managing such paperwork can consume time and become a significant challenge in business.

Luckily you can use the automation tool to handle most of your stuff.
Did you know digital marketing automation tools such as ActiveCampaign have an e-signing feature where realtors and prospects can share online?

Integrating these tools into your business will save time, depopulate your office, and lower costly errors.

Boosts Security

Different online visitors and transactions can warrant data infiltration by hackers. You’ll be dealing with confidential client information all the time. It’s wise to invest in tools that use the highest security against data phishing and hacking.

Regardless of how secure the automation tool is, set up a password manager to keep hackers at bay.

Saves Money

Digital marketing automation for real estate agents doesn’t need the purchase of several software. The automation tools combine several functions helping you reduce the purchase cost.

They make your marketing campaign easy and efficient.

Get an Automation Tool for Your Real Estate Business Now

Real estate marketing automation can revolutionize your business and increase your ROI.

If you’re looking for software that will up your marketing automation for real estate, Pivotal New Media has got you covered. Get in touch with us for digital marketing solutions.

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