The Most Common Mistakes People Make With Social Media Strategy

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Developing a social media strategy isn’t as easy as you think. Many people fail, and it’s usually because they make the same mistakes. As a leader in the development of these strategies, we feel we’re best placed to talk about some of the common mistakes that are made. Check them out, and you will soon learn what to avoid!

Not having a plan

It’s amazing how many clients come to us and ask for help with their social media marketing strategy. They say they’ve been using social media platforms for months, but nothing seems to work. When we ask to see their current plan, they look baffled!

A critical aspect of our service is that we develop a plan for your business before we start doing anything else. This means we look at specific goals you have, put a budget in place, and set up a framework to achieve results.

Failing to use the right platforms

There are lots of social media platforms out there right now; Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat are the biggest. A common mistake is not knowing how to use each platform. They don’t operate in the same way, and users respond differently to each one.

When we develop digital marketing strategies, we help clients figure out which social media platforms will work best for them. It’s all based on your target audience; use the platforms they’re most likely to use. Then, develop strategies for each one, so you make the most out of their unique features.

Not interacting

You’ve got to interact with people on social media, or you’ll never grow your brand. Replying to comments and tweets will help establish your business as a friendly brand that people can trust. It works wonders for your brand image, so don’t just hide away in the dark.

The worst thing you can do is use social media as an excuse to spew out corporate nonsense or post endless links to your website. It makes you look robotic, and people won’t follow you. Show your human side; interact with others.

Not posting at peak times

Finally, the most common mistake of all is not knowing when to post. There are ‘peak times’ to post, which refer to a period where you’re likely to get the most engagement. This depends on your audience, but you have to know when your peak times are!

Again, we take this into account when devising your social media strategy and coming up with your schedule. By posting at the best times, it ensures your content doesn’t fall on deaf ears!


If you’re looking to grow your social media presence and really upgrade your social media marketing strategy, then get in touch with us today. At Pivotal New Media, we’re experts in devising strategies that work for your business. We’ll create a structured plan that’s focused on your specific goals, developing a strategy that will help you achieve the desired results.


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