The value of real estate chatbots for your business

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By now, most people have heard of chatbots. They’re the technology that powers smart home speakers like Amazon Echo and Google Home, but they can also provide a fantastic customer service experience for your business too.

Real estate agents and agency owners are looking for ways to improve their clients’ support, and there is so much potential with chatbots.

Customer service is an important part of any business, but it can be time-consuming and expensive if you only provide the same level of support to 100 or 1,000 customers. Using smart technology like chatbots can help reduce the number of hours your team spends on customer service calls while still delivering a great service.

Here are the many ways chatbots could help your real estate business:

1. Improve customer service for your customers, which will improve their experience of using your agency.

2. Allow you to focus your team’s time on more strategic work like marketing and networking (rather than fielding phone calls).

3. Make it easier for you to provide statistics and reports on the impact your chatbots have on sales, customer service, etc.

4. Reduce the time it takes to train new employees by having a pre-built bot to introduce them to products and processes.

5. Help build trust with customers by giving them real-time support rather than waiting for a human to reply.

6. Educate and inform your customers about products and processes that can benefit them.

7. Increase sales by leading web searches to information about your agency and its products.

8. Use chatbots to promote upcoming events and training courses by directing web traffic to a landing page on your website.

9. Provide a quick and easy way to answer questions from clients about your business or lead generation opportunities for your agency.

10. Offer press-release services or other marketing opportunities for your business to distribute information at scale.

11. Collect valuable data on the customers you already have.

12. Build a relationship with customers that could lead to a long-term successful customer-agency business dynamic.

If you want to know more about what chatbots can do for your real estate business, check out the website today. We’ve got a collection of resources and tools to help you get the most from this new technology in your industry. We can build to make it work fully via Facebook Messenger or as a stand-alone tool that lives on your website.

5 Examples Where Real Estate Owner Use ChatBots

Example #1: Lead Generation

Lead generation is one of the most important factors for real estate agents. When you think about the entire funnel process, it begins with leads.

One of the best ways to find leads is through chatbots. This can be achieved by sending out a lead generation message to potential customers who are interested in buying or selling a property that can take action.

For example, a chatbot can be set up to ask if the user wants to buy or sell a house. Once they provide their email address and give consent, they will receive updates from the agent via email on new properties that match their search criteria.

Example #2: Educating Homebuyers

In addition to finding potential leads, chatbots can also be used for education.

This includes explaining the processes and tools that an agent uses and answering any questions a potential client might have.

For example, you can explain how your work with clients, along with things like the MLS database and other available technology options. This can be done by setting up a virtual assistant within the chatbot to answer the questions as they come in.

Another example is finding out if a potential lead has been prequalified or not for buying a house. Send them a prompt asking if they have been prequalified by a financial institution and explain that this first step should be done prior to looking at homes, so they can avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Example #3: Managing Clients

Once you’ve successfully helped someone buy or sell a house using your chatbot, it’s important to keep that customer engaged. This means checking in with them after the initial transaction is complete and ensuring that everything is running smoothly for them throughout the process.

For example, you could ask them how the house-hunting process is going and if they need any help or information along the way. This will keep your clients happy and allow you to build a lasting relationship with them that goes beyond just selling their property.

Example #4: Lead Nurturing

Once someone buys or sells a house with your real estate agency, you don’t want them to just disappear into thin air. You want to be able to continue nurturing that relationship and support them as they move forward in the home buying or selling process.

For example, chatbots can be used to send information on new properties that might interest a client if they are looking to buy or sell their next property. You can also nurture the relationship by sending them tips and advice on how to navigate the buying/selling process, along with home improvement guides that will help them get started on upgrades they might want to do in their new home.

Example #5: Partnering With Other Businesses

For any real estate business, it’s important to look for ways to partner with other businesses to maximize your client base.

For example, if one of your clients needs a reliable contractor that is known for their quality work, they can refer them to contacts in the area that provide this service. This provides two benefits: it will help your client get through the home buying/selling process faster and it develops a lasting working relationship with that contractor.

In conclusion, chatbots can be used in a variety of ways to maximize the value for your real estate business. These new technologies will make you more efficient and productive from lead generation to education to nurturing relationships with customers.

By following the above examples, real estate agents and agency owners will successfully implement chatbots in their everyday business practices. Get in touch with us today!

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