Thor’s Guide To Digital Marketing

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Greetings puny mortal! It is I, Thor Odinson! Together we must join as one to learn about the mysteries of digital marketing. I remember back in Asgard, between jugs of mead, I would muse over life, the universe, and the kingdom that would be mine. Until those accursed Frost Giants interfered, and father stripped me of my powers, banishing me to Earth.

During my time in this most peculiar of realms, I discovered a curious thing known as digi-tal mar-keting. Something, I am told, exists inside square boxes and strange devices known as com-puters. It turns out that business is a big deal on Earth, much like it is at home on Asgard. Of course, on Asgard, we have more important things to worry about, like Frost Giants, duplicitous brothers, and constructing the Rainbow Bridge. But, the idea of this marketing seems like something that relates to both my important Asgardian business and the small, petty business of man! Let us find out more about digital marketing.

Find Fast Magic Connection

They tell me this thing exists called the ‘internet.’ A fast, magic connection that contains all known knowledge, and allows for instant discussion. Ha! That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard in ten summers! But, if this witchcraft be true, you will need it to find the fastest magical internet connection. It’s no good trying to market or run a business when you are dealing with internet as slow as my father’s old horse! Do as much as you can to find the best connection possible, and this is going to help your business improve as a result.

Improve Business Picture Page

In a tavern, I overheard talk of this special business picture page that many people have, and it’s called a website! Apparently, this website is something that many mortals like to visualize, and read, and use to find out information about how people do business. In my day we would just march on a barbarian encampment and demand to know what spoils they have! But nowadays it seems humans simply go onto the internet and visit a website. This is where they find out all of the information about a business, so you need to make sure you make your website stand out.

Tell the People of Your Glory!

One of the most important parts of digital marketing is to make sure you tell the people of your glory. There is no sense in developing the best business picture page you can, and devising lots of excellent strategies, as I did during the War of the Nine Realms, if there is no one to share them with you. This is why you must find a way of telling as many people as possible of your glory, and this is why you need to make sure you discover how to let as many people as possible know of what your business is doing. Instead of sending a raven, having a parade, or writing it down on an ancient scroll, you can use tools like email, blogging, and something known as a social media.

Know Your Enemies

When we used to gather around the campfire on cold nights in Asgard, my father would always instill upon us the importance of making sure we knew who the enemy was at all times. This was a lesson my wretched brother and I always took with us, and you need to do the same for your business. In order to get the best out of your digital marketing, it is important that you understand your competitors and the way they are doing things. Then you can cut off their heads! I mean, you can figure out how to best them and help your own company succeed as a result. Knowing your enemy is one of the most important lessons I can give you, and you need to take that and use it to your advantage.

As you can see, there are lots of great reasons for you to work on this digital marketing. It can bring you much success and health in the future and will help you reign over a prosperous kingdom for the years to come. Of course, you mortals have more basic ways of doing things than we Gods! But, we know you humans aren’t entirely without your uses, and the information I have provided should help you on your quest. Improving your business by making sure you embrace digital marketing is one of the best things you can do to become a success moving forward.

May the Gods and Pivotal New Media be with you in your mission, and never forget, I am mighty!

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