Top 7 Digital Marketing Tips for Lawyers To Get More Clients

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Marketing is essential when trying to win over new clients to your firm. In the past, you may have advertised in the classified column of your local newspaper, but in this internet age, your focus needs to be on digital marketing. By using the various tools available to you online,  you will reach the people who matter the most to your business, whether they’re browsing the internet using their computer or mobile devices. Check out our digital marketing tips below, and follow them to ensure greater success when looking for new clients for your law firm. 

#1: Focus On Your Website

Your website is the online face of your business, so it has to be a good one. To secure the trust of your prospective clients, it needs to look good and function well. Check out website examples online to get an idea of the design and content you should be focussing on, and hire a web designer if you need help with the development of your website.  

To make life easier for the people using your website, be sure to add a blog and a FAQ page, as these pages can be used to answer the legal questions that are common in your field. Add testimonial pages and links to client reviews, as these will build trust in your potential clients. And broaden your communication channels with the use of chatbots, as visitors to your site will still be able to receive the answers they need about your business, even when you’re not available.

#2: Utilize SEO

SEO (search engine optimization) is the process of using those keywords and online strategies that will ensure your website ranks higher on search engine pages. By implementing it correctly, your prospective clients will come across your website first, and as it ranks higher, they might place more value on your firm over your nearest competitors. To learn more about the effective utilization of SEO for your firm, check out this SEO guide for lawyers, and talk to us if you require any further information.

#3: Embrace The Power Of Social Media

Nearly everybody uses social media these days, so it’s a no-brainer to suggest that social media marketing needs to be a part of your advertising strategy. By creating an account for your firm on Facebook, Twitter, and any other relevant platforms, you will be able to connect with your local community in a personal way, with news and information that pertains to your business and services. You will also have the opportunity to respond directly to their tweets and messages, and consequently build a relationship that will encourage them to trust you and your firm. Here at Pivotal New Media, we are specialists in this area, so contact us to find out more about this aspect of digital marketing.

#4: Show Your Expertise Through Content Marketing

To position yourself as an authority in your field, it is important to use this aspect of digital marketing. With great content on your blog and social media pages, you will showcase your expertise on the legal issues that pertain to your field, and give your prospective clients greater reason to trust you. When creating content, remember that quality prevails over quantity, so while you should keep your blog and social media channels updated regularly, be sure to focus on posts that add value to your readers, and not anything that won’t mean a lot to them.

#5: Use Email Marketing

The vast majority of your client demographic will have an email account, so email marketing makes perfect sense. You can keep in touch with past clients this way, sending out newsletters that pertain to developments in your law firm. This way, should they ever need your services again, they will have that useful reminder to contact you. You can also collect email addresses from people when they visit your website, with the promise of ebooks and help guides as an incentive for them to pass over their information to you. You can then keep in touch with them, with reminders to contact you if they need your services. 

#6: Utilize Your Clients

If you have happy clients on your books, ask them to promote your law firm on their social media channels. Ask them for testimonial quotes for your website too, and encourage them to post positive comments about your firm on lawyer review sites. 

#7: Use Videos Within Your Marketing

You only need to consider the vast amount of people who use YouTube to understand the power of video. Many prefer this visual medium over the written word, so learn how to use video on social media, include videos on your website, and create your own YouTube channel too. You can then showcase your expertise and humanize your law firm by sharing visual testimonials from your clients and staff team.

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