Warning: You’re losing money by not using Chatbots

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Are you looking for a new weapon in your business arsenal? If so, you should definitely consider the massive potential of chatbots and the impact that this resource could have on your company as a whole. 

The main aim of any business is always the same: how can we make more money? There are side goals such as improving the customer experience or adding innovative new ideas to the marketplace. However, if you tackle these goals and challenges the right way the end result will almost always be an increase in profits. 

So how are chatbots going to help out with this ultimate objective?

An Evolution Of Customer Service

The experience that you are able to provide to customers is of vital importance when exploring profits. One poll revealed that over eighty percent of customers will abandon a business after just one poor customer experience. 

This doesn’t even touch on the issue of poor word of mouth. An inferior level of customer service will ensure that consumers are keen to spread the word to family members, friends and followers online. Before you know it, your business rep is near irrevocably damaged. 

To improve the experience, you need to consider what customers want. As with a business, the goals here are simple. They want:

  • Their issues solved rapidly 
  • Their purchases to be simple and straightforward


They don’t want to be left hanging on hold and they certainly don’t want to try and navigate a difficult sales funnel. 

A chatbot can save them from both these issues. In the most basic form when a customer clicks on your site, they can be greeted with a chatbot ready to direct them to the right page. The chatbot may also be able to respond to key search terms or engage with the customer in the period when a customer service representative is not available. This can lead to a smooth sales process and help reduce your bounce rate which ensures that customers don’t get lost in the funnel. 

Improved Tech Support

People often believe that tech support requires geniuses on the job, hence the Apple ‘Genius Bar.’ However, the majority of tech issues are common, expected and can be solved with the right steps. As such, it’s easy to program a bot to answer questions regarding common issues and provide basic step by step instructions. Even if the bot is unable to provide the complete solution, they can direct the customer to the right help page. Or, they can ensure that they will be able to speak to a support specialist from the chat itself. 

Automating the majority of tech support with chatbots will lead to a greater experience for customers. This is going to ensure that the reputation of your business improves, bringing more sales. At the same time, you can free up staff to handle more complex and unique issues. 

Similarly, the chatbot can be used to answer any FAQs. Chatbots are perfect for repetitive tasks and FAQs are by nature, repetitive. This is another easy way to provide the value that clients want from your business. 

Building Leads 

Rather than just solving the issues of existing customers, chatbots may also help you create brand new ones. This is possible thanks to fresh developments in messaging. You will be able to implement chatbots on a vast range of different messengers from Facebook to Whatsapp. A tool like this can be used to provide users information on new services, deals, and products or convince them to make that always important repeat sale. The more engaging your chatbot is, the more likely it will be that you will generate new leads in your business. Particularly, if you take advantage of the data that you can accumulate when you interact with consumers online. 

Increase Ecommerce Sales 

Finally, it’s worth exploring the benefit of chatbots for ecommerce sales. It can be difficult to find a product that you are searching for on an ecommerce site. If a consumer is unable to find the product or service they need or want, they are more likely to turn towards your competitor and click away from your site. 

When a chatbot pops up, they can immediately ask where the product is and it’s possible for the bot to direct them to the sale page or potentially even add the product to their basket. They can also gain the answers to questions that could be stopping them from committing to a purchase. 

If we have convinced you that chatbots could be your secret weapon in marketing, make sure that you contact Pivotal New Media. With our building services, you can gain the chatbot that brings all these benefits to your business. 


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