Why is Social Media Marketing Important for Small Business?

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Big business is all over social media right now. Executives realize that it is one of the best tools available for reaching out to customers. Small companies, on the other hand, can sometimes lag behind, wondering whether they should use online social tools are not.

In this article, we’re going to spell out exactly why social media marketing is so essential for small business. Let’s take a look.

Increased Loyalty

Small businesses rely on a loyal customer base who come back time and time again for their enterprise to thrive. Social media can be a great tool to achieve this.

By giving users additional content as support, resource, or as enhancement of their relationship with your business, your business will stay top of mind as they see and engage with your content. Engaged audiences will buy from you again.

Expanded Reach

Social media is fundamentally a different marketing animal from anything that you might have used before. Unlike traditional advertising methods, social media allows you to target individuals with laser-like accuracy. For instance, LinkedIn offers advertisers the ability to target people based on highly specific demographics, such as their job type. Facebook has a similar level of granularity.

The effect of this is to give companies expanded reach: it’s easy to find more people with targeted content that pushes through the noise and generates results. With digital marketing tools, you can get your message in front of the people who stand a good chance of buying from you who wouldn’t otherwise walk through your front door. You don’t have to waste money in a scatter-gun approach, spending your precious resources on trying to attract customers who do not need your product. Social media marketing boosts brand awareness among the people who matter to your business.

Leads and Conversions

Gaining leads and conversions on an owned property can be a challenge. Not only do traditional sales methods cost a lot of money (such as hiring sales staff), but you are also limited by the number of people who walk through your front door. If you’re not in a high traffic area, then gaining leads can be even more difficult.

Social media has powerful tools that help you find leads and generate conversions. Facebook, for instance, has a type of advertising where you can offer special coupons or offers on the platform that customers can then redeem in-store. You can pay Facebook to display these coupons to people who you believe stand a high chance of actually turning up and purchasing from you.

Social media marketing can be a driver for generating leads overall. It can help, for instance, reach out to communities of people who wouldn’t ordinarily walk through your front door but who would nonetheless benefit from your product. Social media allows you to nurture relationships with many followers, all at surprisingly low cost, increasing the chances that they will convert when they eventually interact with your business in person.

If you need assistance building your social media marketing campaign, then contact Pivotal New Media. We have all the expertise that you need to reach your goals through social media.


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