Why Law Firms Should Use Digital Advertising

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In days gone by, people used to look to the classifieds or the Yellow Pages when they needed to hire a lawyer. They may have asked friends and family for recommendations too. But in this modern age, things have shifted somewhat. While people might still talk to the people they know for recommendations, they will also look online for reviews when deciding what law firm to choose. People are also more likely to use the internet to find law firms in their area, with a Google search that will point them in the right direction. 

If you don’t have an online presence, your business is going to suffer. The majority of the population uses the internet these days when looking for any business or service pertaining to their needs, so this is one reason why digital advertising should be the focus of your marketing strategy. Here are some of the other reasons why you need to shift your attention to the internet when promoting your law firm.

#1: You Will Beat Your Competition

If yours was the only law firm in your area, you would have little need to worry about the competition. Unfortunately, your firm is probably one of many, so you do need to up your marketing game. Like you, those other law firms will be looking to the internet for marketing purposes, so you need to do all you can to stand out. 

You can do this with a good-looking and functional website, as this can showcase the quality of your law firm to your potential clients. You can also position yourself as the number one expert in your field, with the blog and social media posts that educate and inform your readers while simultaneously promoting your business. And with SEO (search engine optimization), you can make sure your website ranks higher than your competitors, and capitalize on the people who will probably click on your website first. 

These are just some of the ways you can promote your law firm online, but contact us to find out more, and benefit from the digital advertising services of our knowledgeable and highly talented team. 

#2: You Can Boost Your Reputation

Why should a person choose your business? As we have suggested, there will be other law firms in your area that they can choose from, so you will be but one option when they are looking for a lawyer. Well, thanks to the power of digital advertising, you can boost your reputation, and give prospective clients reason to choose you over those other law firms in your locale.

You can do as we have already suggested, and boost your reputation through those content marketing strategies that can reflect your expertise. With useful blog, video, and social media posts, you will quickly position yourself as a leader in your area if your content adds value to the lives of your chosen demographic.

You can also encourage your happy clients to recommend your law firm to others. They can do this by posting on lawyer review sites, sharing information on their social media channels, and by giving you testimonial quotes for your website. Statistics have evidenced the fact that people will trust businesses more when others have recommended them, so you should utilize your clients as much as possible in your effort to win new people to your law firm. They can do much to boost your reputation, so remember this when you are doing business with them.

#3: You Can Target Your Chosen Demographic

You might get some return on your investment when placing ads on billboards and in the classifieds, but you will gain a higher ROI when you can directly target those people that are more likely to use your law firm. 


You can do this with your SEO when using those keywords that your demographic is likely to type into Google’s search engine. You can do this with PPC (pay-per-click) advertising too when using Google’s ad-services to secure sponsored links to your business within those searches that your prospective clients are making online. In fact, there is a whole of range of audience targeting strategies you can use within your advertising, and because of the higher ROI, they can all be considered cost-effective and beneficial for your law firm.


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To learn more about digital advertising, contact our team at Pivotal New Media, LLC, and talk to us about the services we can offer your law firm. With our assistance, your firm will benefit from a digital marketing campaign that is tailored towards your key demographic, and you will have the ability to strengthen your brand image to stand out from your nearest competition. 

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