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Jumpstart Your Digital Journey

Digital Kickstart

Empower your entrepreneurial journey with essential digital tools to establish your brand. Our package helps you lay the groundwork for your online presence, creating a solid foundation to build upon. Be seen, get found, and start engaging your target audience with SEO optimized content and a sleek landing page.

Value Propositions:

  • Establish Your Digital Identity: Kickstart your online presence with social media account setup and SEO optimized articles.
  • Build Your Landing Page: Create a dedicated space for your brand online.
  • Understand Your Competition: Gain insights into your competitors’ strategies.

Navigate the Path to Success

Growth Navigator

Elevate your business to the next level by unlocking advanced growth strategies tailored to your specific needs. This package goes beyond the basics, providing a comprehensive website, strategic marketing plan, and the initial setup of your Google Ads campaigns and Marketing Automation. Navigate the digital landscape efficiently and cost-effectively, and steer your way to success.

Value Propositions:

  • Expand Your Digital Presence: Build a comprehensive website and launch Google Ads campaigns.
  • Automate and Streamline: Simplify your marketing process with the setup of a marketing automation system.
  • Deep Dive into Your Audience: Get to know your audience better with a detailed analysis.

Reach the Pinnacle of Your Market

Summit Achiever

Perfect for ambitious businesses ready to make their mark, this package provides advanced tools and strategies. With a complete Facebook Ads setup, deep-dive audience analysis, an innovative chatbot for customer service, and a comprehensive content strategy, you’re ready to dominate your market segment. Get set to stand atop your market’s summit.

Value Propositions:

  • Reach New Heights with Facebook Ads: Engage with a wider audience with the power of Facebook Ads.
  • Unlock the Power of Content: Build brand loyalty and drive conversions with a comprehensive content strategy.
  • Empower Your Business with a Chatbot: Improve your customer service with a personalized chatbot.
  • Outsmart Your Competition: Gain a competitive edge with an advanced competitor analysis.

Your questions answered

Common questions

The Digital Kickstart bundle, which is completed in a week, includes tasks like Social Media Account Creation and Setup, Keyword Research for SEO, Creation of 3 SEO Optimized Articles, Basic Landing Page Design and Build, Audience Identification and Demographic Analysis, Basic Social Media and Content Audits, and General Competitor Analysis.

The Growth Navigator bundle builds on the essentials provided by Digital Kickstart. It includes the Development of a Digital Marketing Strategy, Design and Build of a Comprehensive Website, Google Ads Account Setup and Campaign Planning, Marketing Automation System Setup, and Detailed Competitor Analysis.

The Summit Achiever is our premium bundle. It’s ideal for businesses ready to maximize their digital potential. This comprehensive package includes Facebook Ads Account Setup and Campaign Planning, Comprehensive Audience Analysis, Content Strategy Development, Chatbot Creation and Integration, Website Optimization for SEO, and Advanced Competitor Analysis.

These bundles are designed to cater to a broad range of digital marketing needs at different stages of business growth. However, we understand every business is unique. We encourage you to schedule an “Are We A Fit” call with us to discuss tailored solutions for your business.

Google Ads, being more search intent-driven, is typically considered a good starting point for businesses wanting to drive targeted traffic, especially if they are selling products or services that consumers are actively searching for.

Facebook Ads, on the other hand, are more discovery-driven and require a more nuanced understanding of audience behavior and interests to be effective, as they are typically used for demand generation rather than capturing existing demand. They are often utilized once businesses have a deeper understanding of their audience, which is why it was placed in the more advanced package.


The timeline for results can vary based on several factors including the current state of your digital presence, your industry, and the strategies implemented. However, most clients start seeing noticeable improvements within a few months after completion of their chosen package.

Pivotal New Media offers additional ongoing management services such as Social Media Management, Google/Facebook Ads Management, Content Creation, and Marketing Automation Management. These can be provided as monthly add-on services, depending on your needs and budget.

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